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"I want to stay here."

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Hello everyone !

I have a little service to ask you.

Some really good friend of mine participates in a contest organized by ‘planet sauvage’, a french zoo. The challenge was to make a video where you voice the animals you filmed at that zoo.

Were all vet students whose passion is wild animals and I would really love them to win the first prize which is a night at the zoo.

So could you vote for them => here . You just have to click “like” for the right video, which the fourth one (you have to scroll down a bit), the one with the meerkat. like this ↓


Thanks you for reading this ! you’re awesome !

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"I wanted to be like my older brother and father. But what is left for me if i live like that ? nothing…"

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"I will not let anyone condemn my own brother! So, Vince…."

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Why are you saying such terrible things?Why are you… of all people… saying something like that?

Why are you saying such terrible things?
Why are you… of all people… saying something like that?